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Pinacoteca di Brera Informazioni
DescriVedendo Brera

DescriVedendo Brera

Brera’s Masterpieces

DescriVedendo Brera’s Masterpieces is one of the first tools adopted by the Pinacoteca in its drive to reduce barriers impeding perception.

What is this scheme?
It’s a gradual, leisurely exploration of the collection’s best-known works, in which each painting is accompanied by a detailed formal description followed by a brief art historical account.

What do we mean by “formal description”?
A formal description is a detailed verbal account of the painting’s formal content.

Who is it for?
It’s for all visitors. The formal descriptions aren’t intended only for visitors with impaired sight, they’re designed to allow each and every visitor to acquire greater in-depth knowledge of the work of art (slow art).

Who writes these formal descriptions?
The formal descriptions are the product of a joint venture developed by the staff of the Pinacoteca’s Education Department in conjunction with the not-for-profit ANS, Italy’s National Association for People with Impaired Sight.
The descriptions are based on guidelines developed for DescriVedendo, a research project devised by Marco Boneschi and promoted by the ANS.

The descriptions in the DescriVedendo Brera’s Masterpieces scheme are the product of several different drafts, each one of which is assessed by volunteer readers.
The descriptions receive DescriVedendo certification only once they meet predetermined parameters of accuracy and clarity.

How can I use Describing Brera’s Masterpieces?
There are two ways of using it:
• Independently: You’ll find all the DescriVedendo descriptions, as and when they become available, in both text and audio format on this page and on the individual pages devoted to the works described in the collection section of our website.
• By following a DescriVedendo explanation delivered by a member of the Pinacoteca’s Education Department staff. Check the appointment on the calendar to book a reservation.
• Or in any other format you tell us you think might be useful and that we can find a way of developing.

How much does it cost?
The descriptions are free of charge, while the cost of the scheduled guided tours in our Brera si Racconta scheme is included in the price of admission to the museum.

What languages is the scheme available in?
It’s currently available in Italian and soon it will be available in English.

Who made the scheme possible?
The descriptions of Hayez’s The Kiss, of Andrea Mantegna’s Lamentation over the Dead Christ and of Raphael’s Marriage of the Virgin, all part of the DescriVedendo Brera’s Masterpieces scheme, were sponsored by the Lions Clubs International Milano Borromeo and Milano Duomo.
The description of Caravaggio’s Supper at Emmaus was sponsored by Diadromi, percorsi senza confini.
And the description of Annibale Carracci’s Christ and the Samaritan Woman is a gift of the ANS, which also handled its publication.

Which paintings are described in it
Sala 6 – Lamentation over the Dead Christ, Andrea Mantegna (-> SCHEDA OPERA)
Sala 24 – Marriage of the Virgin, Raffaello (-> SCHEDA OPERA)
Sala 28 – Supper at Emmaus, Caravaggio (-> SCHEDA OPERA)
Sala 38 – The Kiss, Francesco Hayez (-> SCHEDA OPERA)


For further information on the DescriVedendo Brera’s Masterpieces scheme feel free to get in touch with the Pinacoteca’s Education Department (educazione@pinacotecabrera.org)
For further information on the DescriVedendo method, or to become a volunteer reader, visit the scheme’s own website www.descrivedendo.it

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Se desideri maggiori informazioni
sul progetto DescriVedendo
i Capolavori di Brera contatta
i Servizi Educativi della Pinacoteca educazione@pinacotecabrera.org( Per maggiori informazioni sul metodo
DescriVedendo, o per diventare
un validatore volontario, visita il sito

For further information
on the DescriVedendo Brera‘s
Masterpieces scheme feel free
to get in touch with the Pinacoteca‘s
Education Service educazione@pinacotecabrera.org

For further information
on the DescriVedendo method,
or to become a volunteer reader,
visit the scheme‘s own website

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The Collection Online/ 684 records

The Collection Online/ 684 records