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St. Joachim and St. Anne at the Golden Gate

Bernardino Luini

The Amadeit Franciscan church and convent of Santa Maria della Pace was both an epicentre of the Church renewal movement opposed to Pope Julius II and backed by the King of France, and a vibrant centre of art in early 16th century Milan. The fresco cycle adorning the Chapel of St. Joseph was detached at different moments in the 19th century and reassembled in this small room designed by Piero Portaluppi in 1924-5, although it is impossible to reconstruct the cycles’s original arrangement.

Starting from the left with the announcement of Mary’s birth to Joachim and Anna, the scenes depict episodes from the Virgin’s early life. In the background we see the angel persuading Joseph to marry Mary and the two newly-weds at prayer. At this stage in his career, Luini was influenced chiefly by Bramantino and by his friend Zenale, and he used assistants to help him paint the fresco cycle.

Download hi-res image TITLE St. Joachim and St. Anne at the Golden Gate
AUTHOR Bernardino Luini
DATE 1520 - 1
OBJECT TYPE AND MATERIAL Fresco Transferred To Canvas
DIMENSIONS cm 171 x 121
Work on display
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