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Stories of the St. Joachim and St. Anne

Gaudenzio Ferrari

Erasmo Trivulzio’s wife Veronica Cavalcabò left money for a chapel to be dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin in Santa Maria della Pace in 1523, but the family’s political tribulations meant that it was 1541 to 1543 before her son Gaspare was able to commission its construction from Cristoforo Lombardi and its decoration from floor to ceiling by Gaudenzio Ferrari. This wall tells the story of Mary’s miraculous birth to ageing, sterile parents.

Download hi-res image TITLE Stories of the St. Joachim and St. Anne
AUTHOR Gaudenzio Ferrari
DATE 1541 - 3
OBJECT TYPE AND MATERIAL Fresco Transferred To Canvas
DIMENSIONS Lower register: cm 190 x 135 central panel - cm 190 x 65 side panels
INVENTORY Registro superiore: 34 al centro - 28 lato destro - 26 lato sinistro. Registro inferiore: 31 al centro- 31 lato destro - . 31 lato sinistro
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