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Madonna and Child with Two Angels (“Soli Deo” Madonna)

Bramantino (Bartolomeo Suardi)

The Virgin sits in a monumental loggia on a block set on a large capital, producing a powerful three-dimensional effect. The Christ Child’s open arms allude to the torment he will suffer on the Cross. By his side stand two wingless angels, their faces rosy from backlighting. One of them holds a plaque with the words “SOLI DEO” from the Letters of St. Paul (“soli Deo honor et gloria in saecula saeculorum”: “Now unto the […] only wise God be honour and glory for ever and ever”).

Download hi-res image TITLE Madonna and Child with Two Angels (“Soli Deo” Madonna)
AUTHOR Bramantino (Bartolomeo Suardi)
DATE 1509 - 2
OBJECT TYPE AND MATERIAL Fresco Transferred To Canvas
DIMENSIONS cm 240 x 135
Work on display
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