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Chat between…<br>Lotto and Morelli

28/11/2023 > 31/03/2024

Chat between…
Lotto and Morelli

Chat between…
Lotto and Morelli

From the Intesa Sanpaolo collection of the Gallerie d’Italia in Naples comes to the Pinacoteca di Brera the artwork by Domenico Morelli, Dama con il ventaglio (1873) displayed alongside Lorenzo Lotto’s Portrait of Laura da Pola (1543 – 1544).

Chat between…<br>Lotto and Morelli


Lorenzo Lotto, Ritratto di Laura da Pola, 1543-1544, olio su tela, cm 90 × 75
Ritratto di Laura da Pola, Lorenzo Lotto (Venezia 1480 – Loreto 1556/1557), 1543-1544, oil on canvas. Pinacoteca di Brera, Milano

In the Portrait of Laura da Pola commissioned to Lorenzo Lotto in 1543, paired with that of his husband Febo da Brescia, the new bride exhibits the elements of her status. In her right hand she holds a fan made of white feathers, chiseled gold handle and secured to her belt by a chain.

Dama con il ventaglio
Dama con il ventaglio, Domenico Morelli (Napoli 1823 – 1901), 1873, oil on canvas. Intesa Sanpaolo Collection Gallerie d’Italia – Naples

Morelli’s Lady with a Fan was made in 1873 for the private salon of Duke d’Eboli Doria and depicts a provocative young woman with bare breasts in the intimacy of a domestic setting. Light plays a predominant role, transcending from the back of the sofa to the coppery red locks of hair to the Japanese rice paper fan, a tribute to the Orientalist fashion popular in Naples in those years. The girl portrayed is Anna Cutolo, Morelli’s favorite model and future wife of sculptor Vincenzo Gemito.


Morelli’s work temporarily takes the place of Lorenzo Lotto’s Portrait of an Elderly Gentleman with Gloves (Liberale da Pinadel?), on loan until April 1 to the exhibition “Giovan Battista Moroni (1521-1580). The Portrait of His Time” (Milan, Galleria d’Italia).


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