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2018 is the year of restoration, and the Pinacoteca di Brera confirms its priority to the conservation of heritage through a new partnership: Tigotà, brand of excellence in the selling of personal care and domestic products, owned by Gottardo S.p.A, a leading company in the area of beauty and homecare, shares this goal with the Pinacoteca di Brera, who will work together through this new collaboration.

With the opening of their 500th shop in Italy, Tigotà has made its priority to safeguard Italian art of the XVI Century. The Pinacoteca di Brera has therefore identified the works Sacra famiglia con Sant’Ambrogio che presenta un donatore by Paris Bordon, and Cristo Crocefisso, con la Vergine, Maria Maddalena e i Santi Giovanni Evangelista e Vito by Benvenuto Tisi, also known as the Garofalo, to be the masterpieces that will benefit from this partnership.

The painting by Paris Bordon is an oil painting on wood from around 1525, is characterised by its intense chromatism, the large focus on the landscape and the high-quality portrait of his patron. The large oil on canvas of Garofalo, is however dated as 1522 and is held in Brera since 1811. Both works will undergo restoration in strengthening the medium on which they are painted, as with the layers of paint on these mediums. At the conclusion of the restoration, the Sacra famiglia of Bordon will be exhibited to the public in the Pinacoteca, whilst the work of Garofalo will be available for loans and temporary exhibitions.



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