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Valle Romita Polyptych

Gentile da Fabriano (Gentile di Niccolò di Giovanni di Massio)

Perhaps dismembered as early as the 18th century, the polyptych began to arrive in the Pinacoteca in 1811, following the abolition of the Observant hermitage of Santa Maria di Valdisasso, near Fabriano, from which came the five larger panels; the four smaller panels were acquired from a private collection in 1901. Among the hypotheses put forward by historians, the most suggestive ascribes the commission of the painting to Chiavello Chiavelli, lord of Fabriano, who had the monastery of Valdisasso restored in 1406 and selected it as the place for his own burial: in fact it is possible that, to decorate the renovated hermitage, the lord of Fabriano had ordered a large altarpiece with the theme dearest to the Observants, the Coronation of the Virgin surrounded by the founding saints of the order.
If this were the case, the execution of the polyptych should be dated to between 1406 and 1414, the year in which Gentile da Fabriano left the Marche and moved to Brescia, in the service of Pandolfo Malatesta.
This hypothesis appears to be confirmed by stylistic analysis of the painting, which reveals a firsthand knowledge, on Gentile’s part, of the works of Michelino da Besozzo, the other great exponent of the International Gothic: since Michelino’s presence in Venice is documented in 1410, at a time when Gentile paid frequent visits to the city, the date postulated for the polyptych in Brera is 1410-12.
Exemplary of the artist’s Gothic style is the transformation of the sacred personages into elegant figures, sumptuously dressed in the clothing in fashion at the courts of the time. The sinuous outlines produce graceful traits corresponding to the aesthetic ideal of the early 15th century, while the meticulous representation of the naturalistic details is derived from Michelino da Besozzo.

Download hi-res image TITLE Valle Romita Polyptych
AUTHOR Gentile da Fabriano (Gentile di Niccolò di Giovanni di Massio)
DATE 1410-1412
DIMENSIONS cm 157,2 x 79,6 tavola centrale, cm 117,5 x 40 tavole laterali inferori, cm 48,9 x 37,8 tavole laterali superiori
INVENTORY 153-174-175; 178-179-1229; 1230-1231-123
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