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Severe comforted by Driope and Tavaiano

Bernardino Luini

One of the rooms in the villa was decorated with the sad story of the Satyr Sevis’ love for the nymph Lora, from Luca Pulci’s Driadeo (1446). Here Sevis, depicted as a young man, is consoled by the river Tavaianus and by Dryope, Lora’s mother who has been turned into a tree for loving Apollo. These complex themes are even more difficult to grasp because various parts have been lost. The detached frescoes went to several museums and collections, but the main corpus is in the Brera.

Download hi-res image TITLE Severe comforted by Driope and Tavaiano
AUTHOR Bernardino Luini
DATE c. 1514
OBJECT TYPE AND MATERIAL Fresco Transferred To Canvas
DIMENSIONS cm 165x133
Work on display
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