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Third Thursday evening Brera/Music online

For the third musical Thursday of May, Brera/Music, under the artistic direction of Clive Britton, would like to bring to your home this online concert in collaboration with Le Dimore del Quartetto, a creative cultural enterprise that supports the careers of young international chamber music ensembles and enhances European cultural heritage.

Program of the fifth appointment | Thursday 19 May, from 6 p.m.
The fifth Ensemble that will perform is the Trio Immersio (Austria) with
D. Shostakovich – Trio per pianoforte n. 2 in mi minore, op. 67
II. Allegro con brio
The reference artwork is Le demon du jeu, Gino Severini.

Severini-Le demon du jeu
Le demon du jeu, Gino Severini, 1928

Trio Immersio
Trio Immersio, one of Vienna’s top chamber music ensembles, is the definition of refined female power in classical music. Concert activities have brought this young ensemble to 20 countries on four continents, including tours of Japan, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Tunisia e.t.c.
Trio Immersio has performed at prestigious venues such as the Musikverein Wien, Wiener Konzerthaus, RadioKulturhaus Wien, Flagey in Brussels, Royal Danish Opera, Teatru Manoel in Malta, Theatre Sorano in Dakar, CRR Konser Salonu in Istanbul, Schönberg Centre, Ancient Amphitheater in Bodrum, Kyiv Philharmonie, Tbilisi State Conservatoire and has been a guest of the Carthage festival in Tunisia, the 30th Morelia Festival in Mexico, 45th International Istanbul Music Festival, Austrian Spring in Poland etc.Trio Immersio has been distinguished with a number of awards and prizes including the Brivio Sforza Award of Le Dimore del Quarteto as one of the best ensembles of 2019, the prestigious ‘New Sound of Austrian Music’ award of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs given to select musicians to bear the honor of representing the musical culture and traditions of Austria all over the globe. Trio Immersio is also the winner of Bank of Austria Prix d’Arts in 2016.
In 2021 Trio Immersio expanded its geography with tours of South Africa and China. Major highlights of the season included recording of an all-Schubert CD, residency at the Iceberg Institute in Vienna (U.S.-Austria) and a performance of the Beethoven triple concerto.

​The intimate bond that Trio Immersio has with the musical culture of Vienna is particularly expressed in their interpretation of works by J. Haydn, L. Van Beethoven and F. Schubert.
Trio Immersio promotes chamber music as a lifestyle and believes in full immersion into the sound world of vivid emotions, colors and ideas. Their particular authenticity and sincerity has gained Trio Immersio special connection with the audiences in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.


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Le demon du jeu, Severini

Le Dimore del Quartetto
Le Dimore del Quartetto (go to website to learn more +)is a creative cultural enterprise that supports young international string quartets and chamber music ensembles in launching their careers and enhances European cultural heritage, in a circular economy.

Born in 2015 from an idea of Francesca Moncada, Le Dimore del Quartetto develops from a simple exchange: on the eve of an artistic engagement, musicians are hosted free of charge in a mansion for up to a week and, in return, they offer a concert to the owners during their residency period. In this circular economy, the residences become a precious resource for the quartets and vice versa: opportunities to meet in unusual places and often decentralized territories are created, bringing back to life spaces that are not fully used and bringing a new audience to chamber music.

Today, Le Dimore del Quartetto, counts the participation of 91 chamber music ensembles (string quartets and trios, and with piano) with musicians from 41 different countries, 280 historical residences in 17 countries.
With a consolidated network in the field of music and cultural heritage, it deals with projects through the organization of festivals and travel itineraries, masterclasses, master classes and training courses for musicians, educational projects for associations, schools and universities, training and team-building activities for companies, residencies and concerts in historic houses and other places of cultural interest.

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