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The Napoleonic rooms reinstallation

The Napoleonic rooms reinstallation

The Napoleonic rooms reinstallation
Vitali and Jesi collections

The next few days are the last occasion in which the 20th century paintings and the sculpture of the Pinacoteca’s collections will be on display until the opening of Palazzo Citterio.
From January 9th 2018, in fact, the next phase of the reinstallation of the permanent collections will begin at the Pinacoteca, and as a consequence the rooms showing the Vitali and Jesi collections (10, 11, 12) will be closed to the public.


Napoleonic rooms reinstallation

Moreover from January 14th 2018 will begin also the works in the Napoleonic rooms (8, 9, 14, 15).
The spaces will be reopened on Thursday, March 29th, together with the sixth ‘dialogue,’ and the museum will be open for free all day until 7.15pm.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is worth the wait! Ask at the ticket desk to try out the free offer
to become a temporary member of the Friends of Brera and receive free admission for three months.


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