Pinacoteca di Brera Informazioni
*Important information for visitors<br>Museum closure

*Important information for visitors
Museum closure

*Important information for visitors<br>Museum closure

As you probably know, the Pinacoteca di Brera and Braidense National Library has to close their doors to the public until April 3rd. This is an unprecedented situation: even during the 2nd World War Brera was open, and even under the bombs the city was free and populated.

But Brera isn’t only a nice building in the centre of Milan, a series of rooms, a – albeit beautiful – collection of masterpieces. Brera is a vision and a soul in the heart of the city: the doors are closed, but the heart must continue to beat.

How can we achieve our purpose, the public service, in this context? How support Milan and their citizens in this dark moment? By making “smart” the culture: through our initiatives on social platforms we are guaranteeing the access to the museum and to the library, waiting for this shadow to pass away. When this will happen, we’ll be even more “smart” and more committed to safeguard and to value our heritage. By doing so, we will not betray neither our past nor our future.

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