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BreraPlus+ presents <em>The Idea of the Library</em>

BreraPlus+ presents The Idea of the Library

BreraPlus+ presents <em>The Idea of the Library</em>
Umberto Eco’s collection of old books at the Braidense National Library.
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More than thirty years ago, Umberto Eco decided to leave his family home in Milan to find one large enough to hold all his books. With his wife, Renate he found a ring-shaped apartment, reinforced the floor, and filled the corridors with bookshelves. He then dedicated a room – the Room of Antiquity – endowed with a small balcony and a beautiful view of the Castello Sforzesco, to his growing collection of rare books.

As of May 5, 2022, this collection is housed in the “Studiolo Umberto Eco” at the National Braidense Library. For the occasion, an exhibit – L’idea della Biblioteca. La collezione di libri antichi di Umberto Eco – and a video have been produced. The latter proposes a story in which the voices of scholarsand friends close to Umberto Eco take turns descibing his relationship with libraries and books, objects of study, possession, and passion.



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