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The Hebrews’ Song of Triumph

Bernardino Luini

The main hall in Villa Pelucca was frescoed with Stories of Moses from the book of Exodus. This scene shows the Children of Israel singing God’s praises after the Red Sea miraculously parted to let them through and then equally miraculously closed over Pharaoh’s pursuing army. Luini, who was well on the way to becoming one of Milan’s leading painters, was chiefly influenced at this stage in his career by Bramantino and Zenale, as we can see from the figures’ faces and structure.

Download hi-res image TITLE The Hebrews’ Song of Triumph
AUTHOR Bernardino Luini
DATE c. 1514
OBJECT TYPE AND MATERIAL Fresco Transferred To Canvas
DIMENSIONS cm 243 x 143
Work on display
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