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Study day at Brera

Study day at Brera

Study day at Brera

Monday, a day after the closing of the third dialogue at Brera with the exhibition of the newly discovered and much discussed painting of Judith and Holofernes attributed to Caravaggio, a group of invited specialists and conservators assembled for a morning of talks and an afternoon of discussion before the picture and the copy of it that belongs to the Banca Intesa di San Paolo, Naples.
As James Bradburne emphasized in his introductory remarks, if a museum is not a place “per facilitare lo studio e la conoscenza” – a place where one can “aprire e facilitare il discorso”, then it has not served its public or fulfilled its obligation to deepen our knowledge of the works of the great masters.
What follows is not so much a summary as a digest of the major points of the day.


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