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Stand by room

Stand by room

Stand by room

Only a few weeks ago the Napoleonic rooms reopened, updated in the set up and enriched with elements designed to make the visitor’s experience always more comfortable and fulfilling (Brera Bench, textile and copyright panels, Art Comfort). But the process of renewal of the Art Gallery is not yet finished and works never stop…

In fact, the re-arrangement of room XVIII has just begun. This room is a “special” space that realizes the idea of the Pinacoteca as “visible museum”. Once works are finished, this “stand by room” will embrace a new exhibition philosophy in accordance with its function as a showcase for museum conservation plans.

By purchasing an entrance ticket to the Art Gallery, you can request the Temporary Card Amici di Brera, which entitles you to an unlimited number of free entries for three months from the date of purchase.


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