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Pinacoteca di Brera opens on May 4th

Pinacoteca di Brera opens on May 4th

Pinacoteca di Brera opens on May 4th
The museum inaugurates a new era of museum enjoyment.

Entrance to the museum is subject to a fee, after last June when, as a sign of gratitude and solidarity with the city, the Pinacoteca offered itself to the public free of charge.

No longer a simple ticket,
but a card, a real subscription.

A novelty marks this reopening, the BreraCARD; in fact, what you buy will no longer be an anonymous ticket, but the nominal card BreraCARD that entitles you to visit the rooms of the physical museum for 3 months and to access for one year the rooms of the virtual museum, BreraPlus+. An expanded offer that does not include any adjustment of the rates, remained those pre-Covid (consulted on the page tickets).
It will also be possible to purchase at no cost the temporary card of the Friends of Brera and return to the museum free of charge an unlimited number of times for three months.


Benefit BreraCARD:
Brerax3. With the number of your BreraCARD you can return to visit the Pinacoteca di Brera for free for 3 months, booking in advance on BreraBooking.
BreraPLUS+. With your BreraCARD number you can access BreraPlus+, to the online platform that enriches the museum experience with multimedia content, documentaries, special programs, concerts, premieres and more.
BreraBox. A kit of tools to support your visit to the museum and make your experience even more memorable.


The one that will reopen on May 4th will therefore be a new Pinacoteca, this time not in terms of its installations, but in its relationship with its public.
This approach also includes innovations in the physical spaces: since admission to the Pinacoteca will no longer be purchased in the museum, but on, the ticket counter will give way to a help desk charged with meeting the needs of the public.
There will also be new features in the exhibition rooms: it will be possible to admire Mario Mafai’s Fantasie, which have already been described by the Pinacoteca online (on the website, social networks and above all Brera Plus+).
Finally, the Caffè Fernanda and Bottega Brera, the Pinacoteca’s bookshop – closed for more than a year – will reopen and be completely renovated in the coming months.


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