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Milano Fashion Week

Milano Fashion Week

Milano Fashion Week

From 17th to 23rd of September Milan will celebrate the Fashion Week with shows, presentations and events. The Brera Palace will also be immersed in this unique atmosphere by hosting a suggestive installation by Jil Sander (whose set-up and dismantling in the courtyard of honor could cause some inconvenience to visitors from 16th to 19th September).

Furthermore, on this occasion, we will publish on a new thematic tour, which tells the origins of the fashion system at the court of Ludovico il Moro, starting from a study of the costumes in the Pala Sforzesca. The tour continues the excursus on Leonardo’s painters inaugurated with the Riflessi di Leonardo.

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Madonna in trono con il Bambino, Dottori della Chiesa e la famiglia di Ludovico il Moro (“Pala Sforzesca”)
Maestro della Pala Sforzesca
1494 – 1495


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