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From shell to image

From shell to image

From shell to image

In entomology, the term “image” defines the point of arrival of a development, the end result of a metamorphosis.
For thirty months a process of transformation has profoundly renewed the Pinacoteca di Brera, giving it a very precise identity and endowing it with an international level. Visibility, transparency, comfort, accessibility have become the guidelines to encourage the dialogue of the museum with one’s own city and one’s own time.
The process of this transformation is in an advanced stage, but it is not yet completed: in a week time you can see it by going through Room I, redefined no longer as a mere access corridor, but as a real “introduction” to the Art Gallery. Above all, you can admire Room XVIII, fully realizing its laboratory’s vocation and exhibiting – as a summary of the restoration activities (–> open the link) – the Self-portrait by Umberto Boccioni, exposed again in the Art Gallery until autumn, when Brera will finally show its own “image”.


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