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There was a time when taking pictures in a museum was absolutely unimaginable. Nowadays we are all trying to catch the moment, capture a masterpiece and the emotions it expresses. Social platforms are becoming virtual places for sharing and also spreading information.
The Pinacoteca di Brera supports the idea that a museum is an active and lively place, responsive to audience needs and changes. This vision has brought the museum to celebrate the opening of the brand new Instagram Profile together with a challenging Photo contest – open to all visitors – dedicated to light and dark contrasts of Caravaggio.

How to enter:
1. Post a picture that enhances light and dark simultaneously. Find your special way through contrast, symbolism or just follow your creativity. Be free to choose where and what to capture, just try to think how Caravaggio would had behaved carrying a camera in his hands and play with the idea of light and dark contrasts.
2. Post your image on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter hashtag #BreraInChiaroscuro
3. All entries must be submitted by January 6, 2017. You can submit more than one image.

Every week one photo will be selected among all the entries and published on the Instagram@pinacotecabrera webpage; at the end of the contest a selection of the 3 best images will be published on the Pinacoteca official website and installed on display panels at the museum entrance for all the Third Dialogue duration.
The First Place Winner will receive 2 membership cards Associazione Amici di Brera that enables to one year free admission to Pinacoteca di Brera.

The Photo Contest is open to all individuals who have reached the age of majority. No entry fee is required. The entries will be judged by the Pinacoteca di Brera Direction Board that will exclude from evaluation images that contain: obscene, provocative or inappropriate content; any kind of commercial advertisement; copyright infringement of any third parties. Entrants are responsible for the photos they send and for the purpose of image rights. By entering, you retain copyright and remain the owner of your images, but you accept a free of charge use of images by the Pinacoteca of Brera in any form and manner. Entry of photographs into the Contest implies the acceptance of these conditions.


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