Pinacoteca di Brera Informazioni

Hyper Definition


Pinacoteca di Brera is pleased to open its doors to the world on his collection.
A new approach to cultural consumption through a hyper digitalization campaign of its own masterpieces to let people access the collection from everywhere at any time.
A more in-depth knowledge and a progressive combination of the artworks. A new generation of hyper definition art reproductions to reach an approach to the originals that goes beyond what the human eye perceives. A new, creative and cross experience of the one of the most important collection in Europe. In particular, the image parameters reach very ambitious levels in terms of quality and resolution (for some artworks you can get up to 4000 ppi on the real measurement of the work).
The high definition allows you to detect even the smallest details and to identify the technical aspects, the subtleties of the pigments, the traces of the drawing, almost reaching the heart and feeling of the artists. It’s a special knowledge, it is technical, scientific, poetic, beyond the usual patterns of fine arts protection and enhancement.
Each work is featured with appropriate metadata, together with information about Author, Year, Material and Technical Dimensions, Signature, Inventory, Location and School of painting.
The Superintendent is proud of the collaboration with Borsa Italiana which, through the London Stock Exchange Group Foundation, has contributed with a generous act of charity to realise the first Made in Italy hyper definition gallery digitalizing the Pinacoteca di Brera collection, now visible world wide.

In collaboration with:
Ilaria Bruno, Marina Gargiulo, Cesare Maiocchi, Cristina Quattrini.