Pinacoteca di Brera Informazioni

Hyper Definition


Pinacoteca di Brera is pleased to present an important part of its collection in a unique way of use.
Through particular shots taken in collaboration with Haltadefinizione, a tech-company specialized in the digitalization of cultural heritage and in the dissemination activities, the works of the Pinacoteca were acquired in very high definition, reaching very ambitious parameters in terms of quality and resolution and with the possibility of enlarge details up to 40 times on the real measurement of the work .
The degree of detail is such as to allow a completely new approach to paintings, which goes even beyond what the human eye is able to perceive.
It is possible to identify even the smallest details, read the technical elements, the subtleties of the pigments, the traces of the drawing, almost reaching the hearts and feelings of the artists.
Through an approach movement, like a sort of zoom, you can "go inside" the picture and also understand what is usually not visible, even with the closest look.
It is a way of viewing that goes further, in line with the experience of a living museum close to its visitors even at this particular moment. It is a direct relationship, a possible closeness to a work we love, an emotion that we can relive.