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Man with a Mace

Donato Bramante (Donato di Pascuccio)

Bramante painted his Men at-Arms for poet and ducal aide Gasparo Visconti’s residence, many rooms of which were adorned with paintings. The room known as the “Barons’ Chamber”, covered in painted architecture conjuring up a Classical environment with marble and tall vases, contained a cycle of huge figures, only two of which have survived intact. The cycle’s powerful illusionism and well-characterised figures were to have a huge impact on Lombard art.

Download hi-res image TITLE Man with a Mace
AUTHOR Donato Bramante (Donato di Pascuccio)
DATE c. 1486
OBJECT TYPE AND MATERIAL Fresco Transferred To Canvas
DIMENSIONS cm 300 x 127
Work on display
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