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Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple

Vittore Carpaccio

Carpaccio was an artist who has a huge output, although the quality would vary according to the fee, as can be seen in the works commissioned by The Scuola degli Albanesi, who probably had less money to pay than others. This lower cost can be seen in the quality of the por- traits, where the characters are more generic, probably painted largely by workshop staff rather than the master. Despite they often include enchanting details such as the domesticated gazelle and the rabbit in the foreground.

Labels by famous authors

Once upon a time there was a Venetian Countess who could eat only raw meat and had lunch every day at Harry’s Bar. Every morning the cooks had to come up with a new recipe. After thousands of attempts one day they offered her beef tenderloin sliced as thin as ham. Before serving it, a chef topped it with the Harry’s signature sauce. The Countess was so happy that she suggested calling the dish “Carpaccio” dish in honour of the great Venetian painter then on show at the Palazzo Ducale.”
Arrigo Cipriani

Download hi-res image TITLE Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple
AUTHOR Vittore Carpaccio
DATE 1502 - 4
DIMENSIONS cm 130 x 137
Work on display
ON LOAN 20th November 2022 > 18th June 2023 Exhibition:
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