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Giulio Paolini

In the 1970s Franco Russoli invited contemporary artists to work with Brera, to highlight the vibrant presence of old master works. Giulio Paolini framed quotes on the museum from the book Incontro di Bimbi con i capolavori di Brera (1959) – the complete work comprises sixteen – and made them his own. Brera aimed to be a workshop of culture open to the city and its needs, open to modern art and to 20th century collecting. This was a crucial turning point, showing the way for the Brera of the future.


Didascalia d’autore

“These extracts from Incontro di bimbi con i capolavori di Brera (Milan, 1959), are the voices I consider today to reflect my feelings, never set down on paper but never forgotten.
Giulio Paolini

Download hi-res image TITLE Athenaeum
AUTHOR Giulio Paolini
DATE 1971 - 3
TECNICA OPERA Inscriptions in pencil on printed diplomas
Work on display
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